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Banking or Consulting That is the Question

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The Company ranks customer satisfaction at the top because almost 80% of their revenues come from repeat clients. They ensure that their clients are satisfied so that they would not have to go through the hassle of acquiring new ones. However, they rank employee satisfaction right below client satisfaction. Flexibility and individualism in company’s culture shows that its employees are able to maintain a balance between their work and personal life. Staff development follows employees’ satisfaction as the company’s staffing manager Cassandra makes sure that each employee get projects according to his/her career goals.

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1- Judging by their respective hiring, training, staffing, evaluation and compensation systems, what do you think the competitive priorities of Morton & Associates and Berkes Jackson are? That is how does each firm rank staff development, profitability, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction?


2- What are your competitive priorities? Ignoring the industry, which of the two firms would you like to work for? Why?


3- As Emily Holland-Power, would you have other questions for Eric Wong and Jeff Borins that would help you to make better decisions about where to work?